The Mission of the Curry Homeless Coalition is:

"In respecting the innate dignity of all; the Curry Homeless Coalition provides education, advocacy, and coordinates supportive services for people with housing needs."

Guiding Principles

These principles will guide the Curry Homeless Coalition in its efforts to end homelessness in Curry County.

-Recognize that the Curry Homeless Coalition is a county-wide coalition.

-Homelessness is a local issue and needs to be dealt with on a local level using local resources.

-Homeless persons have the right to be warm, fed, clothed, sheltered and safe.

-Remove obstacles to relieve homelessness using all available resources.

-Educate those who are homeless or those who are about to become homeless of opportunities available.

-Our position is not to judge, but to expect people to help themselves.

-Resources are designed to affect change.

-Community communication is crucial to the success of the plan.