The Curry Homeless Coalition is working on plans for a ‘Youth Café’ that would provide a safe, positive and welcoming space for our disconnected and homeless youth. Many of our young people and students are experiencing homelessness, many haven’t completed their high school education, or lived independently. The majority of homeless youth are fleeing unsafe home environments, have been kicked out of home, or have aged out of the foster care system. Latest demographic number show that Curry County has more than 200 school age students who do not have a permanent place to live, these children are homeless, living in a homeless situation with their families, or couch surfing.

Our Youth Café will attempt to provide support to these youth for basic needs, emergency and transitional housing, medical and mental health care, and education and employment programs with a goal of connecting kids to a network of caring individuals and agencies able to assist them in becoming self-sufficient.

We are developing a compliment of programs and services that will assist those youth becoming self-sufficient and stable, while learning skills they can carry with them throughout their lives.

Our current research includes these components to operate a youth café, provide services and fund the program.

Program Funding


Coffee House

Grant Support

Kitchen Rentals


Culinary Program

Round Up-Area Non-Profit Support

Additional Services

Workforce Training

Computer Lab

Job Connections


Social Support

Skill Building

Homeless Youth Services

Food Pantry

Clothes Closet

Mentor Program

Temporary Shelter

Legal Services


Mental Health

Addictions Treatment

Homeless Youth Resources

Foster Care

Law Enforcement

Family Reunification

Education Assistance

Medical Care