The Curry Homeless Coalition seeks to partner with existing physical locations covering Brookings, Gold Beach and Port Orford, and plans to develop capability to provide a mobile portal for Agness and Langlois. The portals plan is to create a secure, safe and confidential space, welcoming in nature and volunteer manned. The portals will offer services coordination, resource information and communication assistance. The homeless portals should be a resource to area agencies, as well. As identified in our 10 Year Plan, these are the strategies we are using to develop ‘Portals’ throughout Curry County.

 Homeless Portals: “Any Port in a Storm”


In Port Orford Coast Community Health's drop-in center is a partner in the Curry Homeless Coalition's efforts to provide limited services to house and unhoused individuals and families.  Some services available include:  Laundry, showers (these services are available in limited capacity and by appointment only to ensure staffing is at min standards), land-line phone service, clothing, blankets, charging station for mobile devices, OHP, housing and energy assistance applications, referral services to partner agencies, and some hygiene products are available. Hours of operations; Monday through Friday 9am to 4pm, excluding holidays.

In Gold Beach the Old Curry Library has limited service capability serving both housed and unhoused individuals.  Services include access to shower, vouchers for laundromat services, shelf-stable food, hygiene products, outer-wear, sleeping bags (limited quantities of sleeping bags, first come, first serve), referral services to partner agencies, and jail/inmate outreach.  These services are supported by Beyond Rejection Ministries. Hours of operations are subject to volunteer availability - drop-ins can call the number on the door if locked.

Select locations in the three major cities will be centrally located to persons being served. Look at non-traditional sites and partnerships with area service agencies. Check with city and county for approved uses.


Assess the financial needs of each portal: Rent/lease/donated space.
Equipment and supplies. Utilities.
Legal fees.
Volunteer trainings.
Repairs and maintenance.
And other such financial needs.
Develop a mini business plan for funder evaluation. Identify potential sources of funding.


Each portal will be be manned by volunteers; with two volunteers being on duty at all times. The Coalition seeks volunteers interested in participating in Peer Support Specialist training programs. Volunteers will be trained to be well-informed about local resources and opportunities. 


The following is a list of services to make the portals a source of information and to offer appropriate solutions for the homeless people. The portal is designed to be temporary aid for people with needs.

●Access to phone and phone messages: For job search, resource information and emergencies.
●Mailing Address: Mailing address to receive benefits. Connecting with family and friends.
●Stationary/postage supplies: Access to paper, envelopes, stamps, etc. for benefits information/requests, and family communication.
●Transportation: Bus passes for doctor’s appointments, job interviews, benefits appointments and other such connected needs.
●Resource Guide: Comprehensive area guide to resources, assistance, child care, and other opportunities.
●Supplies: The portals should keep a supply of hygienic items, sleeping bags, tarps and other outdoor living needs.
●Computer access: Job searches, benefits applications & research, contacting family & friends, and other such communications.
●Introduction packet: Resource guide, rules of the portals, services offered.
●Communications board: Messages, job postings/day labor, housing opportunities/roommate requests, area map, calendar of events, and other such communications.
●Training Classes: Through the use of volunteer mentors, develop training programs to cover a variety of topics to assist people with their daily lives. How to be a responsible Tenant, Budgeting, Shopping & Cooking on a Budget, Outdoor Nutritional Cooking, Job searching and Resume Writing, and other such skills as identified by the board.
●Other services: Cell phone charging station, day area, pet area, Salvation Army Housing vouchers, food vouchers, and other services as identified by the board.

Portal Operations.

All services provided by the Homeless portals should be regarded as temporary assistance and not a long term program of services. The goal of the portal is to assist people in temporary situations and coordinate long term solutions.

Comprehensive Resource Guide: This guide should be updated annually for errors and changes. Be made available to other organizations, service agencies, local and county government and individuals looking for assistance.

Coordination of Services: The largest gap in services found in Curry County is lack of coordination. The portal should have a complete list of services and resources on hand to direct people to the appropriate agency.

Rules for Use: The portal should develop a list of rules and expectations to be made available in the introduction packets. These rules and expectation are for the families and individuals it intends to serve.

Hours of Operation: Interview service organizations in the local communities to determine optimal hours to ensure coverage of resources for the area.

Volunteer Peer Support Specialists: Prevent homelessness by providing trained, volunteer peer support specialists to individuals that are at risk of becoming homeless or those who are homeless. These person-to-person mentoring relationships empower, educate, and provide life skills, hope, and on-going support in order to help people remain housed or to become housed and improve the quality of their lives.