The Coalition is developing a county wide network of service collaborations to decrease instances of homelessness and reduce the financial strain to the communities.

The goal is to ensure that those in need receive appropriate, non-duplicated services and to identify gaps in services.

The Curry Homeless Coalition is leading the effort to end homelessness in Curry County.

The Coalition continues to develop relationships with key stakeholders to establish supportive services to include access to apply or rectify with OHP, SNAP, housing and other services. January 2, 2019 we will launch our one-stop resource center focused on assisting people with housing, employment, medical and a variety of other supportive needs

The Coalition contributed both financially and continued participation in the Curry Housing Task Force to move forward with implementation of the Curry Housing Study Action Plan created in 2018. The Coalition seeks to include voices of community members who struggle to find and maintain housing.

"It takes a village to raise a child". We have all heard that. The same should be said about poverty and homelessness; "It takes a community to end poverty and homelessness".  The Coalition is dedicated to developing strong community collaborations because no matter your status, we are community.

The Curry Homeless Coalition Board of Director meetings are always open to the public. The February board meeting

will be held on the 12th from 6-8p at 29821 Colvin Street, Gold Beach. Take a tour of our new resource center.

VOLUNTEER HERE: Focus areas include:  Street outreach, Shelter operations, Peer Support Specialists, Social media/Website admin, general support.  Complete a volunteer application - email or snail mail a your applicationto or PO Box 349, GB, OR 97444